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      The mission of ABCS Behavioral & Educational Services & Therapy is to collaborate with consumers, families and communities to promote wellness, resilience and success through an array of mental health services, behavioral health services, therapeutic services and educational support services. ABCS Behavioral & Educational Services & Therapy strengthens individuals, families and promotes the well-being of children through prevention, intervention, education and advocacy.

      Our Vision

      Safe and healthy children, families, adults and communities.

      Core Values

      • Treat everyone with dignity, sensitivity, and respect for their cultural and individual differences.
      • Provide service in a warm, professional, confidential, and competent manner.
      • Design services based on the needs of the individual within the context of their family and the community.
      • Use evidenced-based treatment.
      • Work with customers and their families to achieve their goals; fostering self-determination, choice, and the maximizing of one's potential.
      • Intervene as early and as briefly as possible.
      • Provide effective, affordable, and accessible services.
      • Utilize Quality Improvement principles to pursue excellence throughout the organization.

      We believe that:

      • society
        • is strengthened by ensuring that children and families attain their full potential;
        • benefits from the affirmation and celebration of diversity; 
      • strong individuals and ultimately families
        • are the foundation of a strong community and are essential to a healthy society;
        • have the right to raise children in a safe and nurturing environment; 
      • each child and adult
        • has inherent worth and dignity;
        • has the right to a safe and nurturing environment
        • has the ability to change; 
      • our therapists, behavior analysts and associates
        • have a primary responsibility to fulfill the agency mission and attain the agency Vision;
        • have a responsibility to consumers and co-workers to behave ethically, responsibly and professionally, respecting the inherent worth and dignity of others;
        • have the right to work in a clean and safe environment; 
      • our consumers
        • have the right to prompt attention, and to ethical, high quality services delivered at a reasonable cost and deserve our utmost respect.
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